Research Software Alliance’s (ReSA’s) vision is that research software is recognised and promoted as a fundamental and vital component of global research.

ReSA Mission

The mission of ReSA is to bring communities together to collaborate on the improvement of social and technical environment for research software. We do this through:

  • Open research and scholarly communication – to align with international initiatives and work with funders, policy makers, research communities, and publishers to promote the recognition and visibility of software as a first class research output, equal to research papers and research data; to establish the process to include software in scholarly communication to improve transparency and accountability of  research.
  • Sustainable research software development – to facilitate training and education; promote standards in research software development; and encourage researchers and research software developers to adopt/adapt/develop portable and reusable software that can support better and reproducible research and be utilised beyond the scope of a single research project.
  • Culture change – to influence decision makers to recognise the role of software development in research, resulting in increased use of metrics to sufficiently reward the efforts put into software development, and to support community and career development in this area.
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