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ReSA News: August 2019

This month, we have a call for community involvement in ReSA projects, along with some timely tidbits from the larger community.

We also would like to acknowledge Scott Henwood’s contribution as a ReSA Steering Committee member, as he steps down to focus on other things. We have greatly appreciated having his expertise on the committee in the early stages of our formation.

ReSA’s mission is to bring research software communities together to collaborate on the advancement of research software, to achieve the vision of research software being recognised and valued as a fundamental and vital component of research worldwide. To deliver on this mission, we invite the ReSA community to begin collaborating on some projects:

  • Software landscape analysis. What are the different areas of the research software community (e.g., preservation, RSEs, citation, productivity, sustainability)? This understanding could be usefully written up into an article to educate the research community about the importance of software, and/or used to identify if there are representatives from each of these areas involved in ReSA. Please contact ReSA if you’re interested in collaborating on this.
  • Evidence for the importance of research software. There’s the start of a list on the ReSA website. How can we add to this and make this information more widely utilised? Please contact ReSA if you’re interested in collaborating on this.
  • Current opportunities for funding research software. A list of funding opportunities is an example of a resource that ReSA can collectively build to help its constituent members. How can we ensure this is presented in a useful way? How can we work together to keep this up to date? Please contact ReSA if you’re interested in collaborating on this.

The Steering Committee also hopes to have some good news on a small amount of funding for ReSA to employ a community engagement manager in the near future, which will enable some broader discussion on other initiatives that the community would like to initiate.