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Our vision: Research software and those who develop and maintain it are recognised and valued as fundamental and vital to research worldwide

Our mission

To advance the research software ecosystem by collaborating with decision makers and key influencers.

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Enhance social infrastructure for individuals and communities to improve software practices
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Identify and promote needed infrastructure
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Encourage and support software recognition

Software matters

A UK survey of 1,000 randomly chosen researchers showed that more than 90% of researchers acknowledged software as being important for their own research, and about 70% of researchers said that their research would not be possible without software [1]. A study of Nature papers from Jan-March 2016 reveals that “32 of the 40 papers examined mention software, and the 32 papers contain 211 mentions of distinct pieces of software, for an average of 6.5 mentions per paper.” [2].

[1] Hettrick. S. J., et al. (2014). UK Research Software Survey 2014. Data set doi:10.5281/zenodo.14809

[2] Nangia, Udit; Katz, Daniel S. (2017): Understanding Software in Research: Initial Results from Examining Nature and a Call for Collaboration. doi:10.1109/eScience.2017.78

90% 70% 6.5 avg
software important for own research own research not possible without research distinct software mentions per paper

Without data it’s difficult to validate results. But without code, we waste the opportunity to advance science.