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To help you identify key resources this page highlights those relevant to each of the ReSA themes: people, policy and infrastructure. These resources are mostly international recommendations, reports and guidelines that emphasise best practice.


  • Understanding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Challenges Within the Research Software Community, 2021. Analysis of 2018 survey provides evidence for a lack of diversity in the Research Software Engineers community. This paper identifies interventions which could address challenges and highlights areas where the community is becoming more diverse.

  • ReSA software landscape analysis, 2020. identifies 50+ stakeholders in the research software community and topics of interest, e.g., preservation, RSEs, citation, productivity, sustainability.

  • What do we know about RSEs? 2018. The Software Sustainability Institute analyses results from international surveys in 2016, 2017 and 2018 to learn more about RSEs and their work conditions.

  • UK Research Software Survey, 2014. Analysis highlights the importance of software in conducting research, e.g., that 92% of academics use research software. The dataset is also available.

  • Database of Diverse Databases. Useful for finding speakers for a more equitable world - see listings for “Coding + Tech”, “Tech Policy” and “Science”.


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