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Task Force Support

ReSA task forces are community-led initiatives to create international solutions that can also be used to solve challenges in local environments. These task forces rely on participants contributing their time to collaborate to solve community problems.

ReSA seeks to identify resources that can support each task force’s work where possible. Information on ReSA’s current task forces are available on the task forces page, and include:

Organisations in the research software community are invited to consider providing financial and/or in-kind contributions to support task forces that are focused on topics that will benefit their community. Two resourcing levels are available:

1. Secretariat support for task forces of approx 1 day/month (USD$750/month) to cover:

  • Meeting scheduling and communications
  • Preparation of meeting agendas and minutes
  • Follow up when meeting inputs are due


2. Content expertise support for task forces for approx 1 week/month (USD$7000/month) to cover:

  • Preparation of task force materials, e.g., background and working documents
  • Development of task force outputs, e.g., reports, project proposals
  • Authoring of task force public communications, e.g., blogs, newsletter items


If your organisation is interested in supporting an existing task force, or a new one on a topic that is important to your community, then please contact the ReSA Director, Michelle Barker. Organisations can also provide support for ReSA’s broader activities through Organisational Membership or donations.

ReSA also provides each task force with support as part of its normal services, including promotion through ReSA communications channel to identify members, engage the community with the content, and share outputs; and status as a ReSA task force.